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New Roof

New Roof

December 1,  2021

How important is a roof over your head? You find out how important it is, if there's something wrong with it. It protects you against all weather influences, all year round. We experienced the fact that Austria has extreme weather influences in the winter of 2020/2021. Due to the many snowfall and temperature changes, our roof has had a hard time. In the spring, the traces of winter come into view and it appears that there is so much damage that a completely new roof is the best solution. The replacement will start in mid-November. Removing the old roof, checking the roof construction and placing the new roof with cladding of the chimneys. 5 days later we meet the latest requirements and we can brave the weather conditions with confidence.

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Published 11-01-2022 / Copyright © Pension Weissbriach